Our purpose

The Create Streets Foundation is a Charitably Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Its aims "are to advance the education of the public in subjects related to the built environment, successful development and the associations between urban form and mental health, physical health, community cohesion and pro-social behaviour by:

  • providing training to community groups (above all in economically and socially disadvantaged areas) in the context of neighbourhood planning and urban design activities; and

  • promoting study and research in such subjects and disseminating the useful results of such study to the public at large."


We conduct award-winning research into associations between different types of building and popularity, wellbeing, long term economic value and density.


We work with communities, public bodies, developers and landowners to help them put our research findings into practical application.

Place Champions

Place Champions is a pilot community capacity-building mini-course training local residents better to understand regeneration (pros and cons), urban design and ways in which communities can influence these processes to their own advantage and to the wider advantage of London which needs to build more homes and more affordable homes.

We run several Place Champion programmes throughout London together with Citizens UK and Create Streets.

You can read about Create Streets' wider work on the Create Streets website.

No Place Left Behind

No Place Left Behind is a Commission into Prosperity and Community Placemaking.

It will focus on under-valued areas and will take as its mantra that no place should be left behind.


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