Creating Places Academy

The Creating Places Academy is a programme of training packages and resources designed to help local authorities and neighbourhood groups better use design codes, research and co-design to create strong, healthy and popular places, for the long-term.

The Creating Places Academy programme provides a range of free videos and action-orientated, cost-price training modules. These summarise years of research and practical ‘on-the-ground’ experience on how to create local and neighbourhood plans that support happy, healthy and popular places, for the long term.

Designed for:

Planning Authorities
Highways Teams
Housing and Regeneration Teams
Neighbourhood groups

We offer everything from generic materials based on what ‘tends to be true’ (accessible below) to a personalised half day workshop based on an analysis of your needs and challenges. We appreciate that budgets are under pressure and all prices below are at cost to help your funds stretch as far as possible. Thanks to support from our donors, we are also able to offer reduced fees for clients in neighbourhoods which face high socio-economic challenge.

Our packages

Short video resources

3-10 minutes

A range of free videos that summarise years of 'on-the-ground' research and evidence on; what makes happy and popular places that support well-being and health outcomes for the long-term; how to create these places using design codes; using short term interventions for creating long term change and; how to successfully engage with the community, both in-person and remotely using our online digital Create Communities platform.


(please see below)


1.5 hours

A short presentation that will provide a range of research and case study examples on how to improve public health, wellbeing and sustainability in strategic planning, development control and highways strategy – making use where possible of design codes, digital planning, co-design and visual preference surveys. Delivered in person or online, with time inclusive of a Q&A session.

£600 + travel costs

£300 (online)


Half day

A workshop adapted to your local council status, needs and context, looking at how to improve public health, wellbeing and sustainability in strategic planning, development control and highways strategy – making use where possible of design codes, digital planning, co-design and visual preference surveys. Prior to the workshop, we will work with you to assess and understand the needs and ambitions for your local area.

£3,600 + travel costs

£3,000 (online)

What makes for happier places?

The links between place design, human well-being, health and sustainability.

How to make happy, healthy and popular places?

A toolkit of short videos for local authorities and neighbourhood groups.

1.What is a design code?

More videos coming soon...

‘ I learnt more in these three days than my three-year degree!’

I liked the mix of lectures, sketching, and groupwork. The days went by quickly as full of input and variety.’

‘I learnt a huge amount…so many lovely and fun people’

‘Fabulous course…my mind was buzzing. Thank you all.’

“Fantastic choice of teacher & content, a great location and the class size was perfect for feeling comfortable & taking inspiration from others”

“You make us feel welcome by giving a space for people with similar interests to meet and talk about their day to day challenges in their fields. I find it very interesting that people with different jobs share a same passion for drawing.”

“Great teacher, good pace, great sized class, came away having learnt a bunch.”

“It was a superb day.”

superb day

“The session gave me the confidence I needed and reenergised my interest to develop my architectural drawings further.”

“This is like dreams come true for us”

A member of the community in response to the workshop

“I cannot recommend them more highly”

Alexander S.

“Meg was great and full of stories about London’s beautiful streets”

David M.

“It was an immensely enjoyable morning and I would love to explore other areas of London with Meg as my guide”

Robert K.

‘Inspiring to see new forms of technology used to reach a greater audience’

Member of the Tower Hamlet Citizens during the Creating Communities online co-design session

‘A little miracle happened here today’

One resident, in response to the workshop and possibility of bring affordable housing to the area.

“Revived by your great talk yesterday. Content was absorbing and your delivery was, in case you were not aware, terrific.”

Audience Member

“Your talk was really excellent … quite inspiring really”

DODS Group

“The day was definitely a success – your talk was certainly among the highlights – and attendance was strong”

Arts Taunton

“92% excellent or good”

Bristol Civic Society

“When I see Create Streets’ work, I see hope”

Community housing project manager and workshop participant

“We absolutely loved your presentation, it was superb and masterfully illustrated, discussed and brilliantly presented.”

workshop participant