Mount Pleasant Circus

Mount Pleasant

Beautiful cards of watercolours created exclusively by architect Francis Terry for Create Streets. The cards measure 12×18.5cm and are blank inside. They have a matte premium finish. They show Create Streets’s first “counter-proposal” for Mount Pleasant in London in 2014 and 2015.

Cards come in packs of 12, with envelopes. A pack is £22.50 (with P&P) or £19.90 (collect from shop)

A pack contains a half and half mix of Mount Pleasant Circus and Mount Pleasant cards. Postage is to the UK only. Please enquire for costs for non-UK delivery. Cards bought without postage need to be picked up from our office at 81 Lambeth Walk, London, SE11 6DX.

Your kind purchase will support our education and neighbourhood work helping communities transform their neighbourhoods.